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Elevating returns for commercial real estate

Stats about Robotic Process Automation

45% of business tasks can be automated

59% reduction in costs with respondents reporting improvement in compliance (92%), productivity (86%), quality/accuracy (90%)

35-65% onshore cost savings
10-30% in offshore delivery cost savings

The Robotic Process Automation Framework is perfect for teams who have a number of these attributes

Operating at full capacity

When employees are over worked or close to burnout, well trained, valuable staff leave the company

Repetitive mundane tasks

Low morale workforce leads to a high employee churn rate when large portions of their day is spent performing repetitive tasks

Regulated environments

Companies can be fined if not compliant. RPA creates audit reports to share with regulators

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Consistency and speed is key

Tasks need to be performed within a certain time period in a consistent, accurate fashion

Who is the Retail Fund Data Analytics Framework perfect for_edited.jpg

Confidential information

RPA will not discuss or inform others of confidential information

Who is the Retail Fund Data Analytics Framework perfect for_edited.jpg

24/7 coverage required

RPA can operate all day every day! It does not take holidays, sick days or evenings and weekends off

RPA mainly benefits the finance, operations, IT and HR teams


  • Investment management reporting

  • Treasury management reporting

  • Property management reporting

  • Tenant onboarding and offboarding

  • Tenant checks

  • Payment reminders

  • Notifications of changes to leases

  • AML / KYC compliance

  • Automated reporting

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Delivers


RPA can deliver work at a rapid speed


Less repetitive tasks for employees


Improve efficiency through onboarding RPA for repetitive work


Compliance with regulation


High accuracy with the rest sent for exception resolution 


Financial savings are calculated before deciding to proceed with the process

Robotic Process Automation Project Implementation Process



Understanding the process and documenting it



Technical implementation of the process



Maintenance reports actioned and on-going support of the digital workforce

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