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Elevating returns for commercial real estate

About Us

Forest Path

Our Legacy and Impact

Internally, we reward employees based on results, where every employee gets a share in the growth they create.


We also desire a wider impact in society, so we spend 5% of profits on causes we believe in (with the vision to increase this to 10%). This year it will go towards improving the environment (such as planting trees) and bridging the inequality gap through funding education of those in lower socio economic households of the United Kingdom.

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Our Values

The process in which we achieve our mission is through our culture, defined by our values. These are written into every staff member's contract and are also embedded in our reviews: 

  • Deliver Excellence

  • Act with Integrity

  • Display Ownership & Accountability Attributes

  • Operate with Fairness and Compassion

  • Build long lasting relationships

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Oliver Sayers, Chief Data Specialist

With a long-term passion for current affairs and after completing his BSc in Business Economics, Oliver joined Amnesty International and the Westminster Drugs Project in 2010 working on the ‘Giving-Something-Back‘ program, supported by the Big Lottery Fund. 

In 2012, Oliver's housemate (whom Oliver would later be best man for) sent him a job opening at a retail data specialist company that he worked for.


This was the start of Oliver's future passion.


He worked his way up the firm to lead a modelling product for one of the big four UK supermarkets. Here he explored the price elasticity of demand concept, creating and monitoring the price reduction of their fresh and ambient products when close to the end of shelf life.

Oliver then joined Javelin Group in 2015 (digital retail by Accenture Strategy) where he worked for real estate investment management and retail clients, delivering advanced data analytics projects. Oliver also worked extensively in their location planning team, advising retailers where they should expand their store network based on Points of Interest data and regression modelling techniques.  

In 2018, an opportunity to join Nuveen Real Estate as their Data Officer was an offer too big to refuse! Oliver was responsible for the Data Strategy and its implementation across the European & APAC market. Nuveen is one of the UK's largest investors in the Retail sector, and the 5th largest Real Estate Investment Manager in the world. This included a Performance dashboard build with an automated feed from an API, monitoring returns back to inception; Automated feeds of leases & rent collection of 500+ assets from databases and Excels into a dashboard; Extraction of historic financials and treasury figures from databases and hundreds of Excels for analysis and storage; Research & AUM dashboard builds. Worked alongside funds to onboard external datasets and PropTech. Finalist in the 'Investment' category of the 2020 EG Tech Awards where we utilised Point of Interest data for the German Impact Fund. 

In early 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic started, and with crisis comes opportunity. In 2021 Oliver spotted a gap in the market to use data analytics to help retail funds elevate their returns and beat the benchmark, so he left Nuveen to set up CRELYTICA.

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