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Elevating returns for commercial real estate

CRELYTICA is a data analysis and robotic process automation consulting firm which elevates commercial real estate returns on investment.

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Based in London, we help real estate businesses across Europe and the USA make strategic decisions and decrease operational costs to elevate their returns on investment.

With more and more data being gathered, businesses have an extremely valuable resource with the ability to bring deeper understanding to the decision making processes, leading to a decrease of fees to agents to fill vacant units, and a reduction in churn.

From an operational standpoint, real estate companies have lots of rules based processes. Repetitive mundane work decreases employee satisfaction and can be 70-80% automated through RPA, elevating returns. As the workforce moves from repetitive, mundane processes to value add tasks, productivity gains will be realised.

Commercial Real Estate, Retail Sector Analytics


Our team of data analysis consultants based in London know that data is one of the most valuable assets available to businesses today. Our integrated analytics tool can consolidate and interpret data taken from all parts of your business, to reveal patterns and relationships using qualitative and quantitative methods. Data can help you make sense of how an acquisition will perform, and reveal where potential opportunities lie, as well as exposing underlying problems.

Commercial Real Estate Robotic Process Automation


Whether you are a COO or a department head, our experienced and trustworthy consultants, understand how macro pressures are forcing firms to become leaner and reduce operational costs. To help you maximise your ROI, our consultants will analyse your existing processes, to determine your most promising areas of savings with a clear return on investment detailed before any work commences.

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